I started Qoya last September, not knowing anything about it. A friend of mine said ‘ like to dance, come along’, you’ll love it. She was right. I found peace and happiness dancing like no one is watching. I also enjoy the spiritual side of Qoya. Each class brings me closer to myself. Setting an intention at the beginning of the class helps me to focus on my emotions and let them express themselves through movement. I find it very relieving. I’m enjoying being surrounded by amazing women, sharing and dancing in a safe cercle where there is no judgment and no notion of right or wrong. I listen to my body and learn to trust it. If it feels good then it is good! The way Meghan talks through the class, her choice of music and mantras, help me to tune into my emotions and to acknowledge them. Qoya is a way to connect with myself and be in harmony with my emotions.
— Astrid
Qoya is a wonderful space to connect with yourself, explore your emotions and use your movements to be in your body. It’s liberating and safe. It really is wonderful to feel unjudged. Connecting with our sacred female wisdom is amazing. I LOVE QOYA.
— Deb
Qoya is a class where through movement we remember. By dancing we remember. In qoya I feel free, fearless, supported and safe. I love the shaking dance. It’s very relieving. I love every part of class really. They are all important and all bring something positive. Qoya is very different to anything I’ve experienced and is very powerful. It’s a real workout for the body and mind. I love coming to Qoya on a weekly basis. It’s become part of my self-care routine.
— Tania
What a great class! A combination of free movement, yoga, personal development, reflection and exercise for body and soul.
— Julia
I loved it! I found Meghan a truly inspiring woman with a lovely energy and this class was super! Qoya is a thoroughly enjoyable experience in an empowering space. Meghan was an exceptional teacher who allowed me an opportunity to express myself without rules.
— Mel
I can’t thank you enough for Friday night - it was just beautiful and I absolutely LOVED it! When I got home I had a magnesium salt bath and rubbed Arnica Oil into my muscles. I was a little tired and achy the next day, but I did really go for it so hardly surprising!! On the whole I’ve just felt fantastic ever since, and I can’t tell you how wonderful that is. I’ve had so much pain and fatigue over the years, and have worked deeply to heal. My body just knows now that I need to move, and what a fantastic, safe, nurturing and fun environment to do that in. Qoya seems to encompass the best of so many things I’ve done in the past and you are just amazing. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
— Ally