Can anyone do it?

Qoya is an accessible practice for all bodies. The muscle that gets activated in qoya the most is that of being able to listen to your body and moving it how it is calling to be moved that day. Qoya is adaptable and suitable to people with chronic pain and all mobility levels. 

What should I wear? 

Layers & comfortable gym/yoga gear.  


Do I need to bring anything? 

You don't need to bring anything but a bottle of water and a journal and pen may be useful. I have spare yoga mats but if you prefer to use your own, please feel free to bring.


Is there parking? 

Yes. At the venue in the surrounding roads.

 Do you need any experience?

No absolutely not!

Is it embarrassing ?

Honestly, the feeling of freedom is so liberating… embarrassed? Only that you left it so long to try it!


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